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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cebuanos at war with the Americans

Cebu was a hotbed of Filipino guerrilla activities during the war of resistance against the imposition of American sovereignty in the Philippine Islands at the close of the 19th century.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Patriot and the Elite

An interesting exchange of letters between Benito Legarda, former cabinet member of President Aguinaldo, in whose honor one of the streets near Malacanang is named after, and Aguinaldo himself, which clearly differentiates the thinking of an elite and a patriot.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

An American defector to the Aguinaldo army

There were several defections of American soldiers to the Filipino side during the Philippine-American war. The most famous and very controversial was the defection of David Fagen from the all black 24th Infantry, USV.  Fagen was enlisted as lieutenant in General Alejandrino's command in Arayat,  promoted to captain and later served under General Urbano Lacuna's Nueva Ecija brigade. (Ganzhorn, 191)

To the American People, an Appeal

Among the important steps Aguinaldo took shortly after the declaration of Philippine independence in June 12, 1898 was the creation of the diplomatic corps to work for the recognition of the new Philippine republic by the foreign governments.

Balangiga - victory in guerrilla warfare

In September 28, 1901, the American garrison in the town of Balangiga, Samar was attacked by a force of Filipino guerrillas led by Eugenio S. Daza, an officer from the command of Filipino General Vicente Lukban,  assisted by the villagers. Of the 74 American soldiers from Company C of the 9th U.S. Infantry stationed at the garrison, 50 were killed or died later of wounds while 24 were able to escape, of which 20 were wounded.